Our Residents & Relatives

At Hillbrook we welcome all applications from the over 65’s in need of social and personal care on the basis of permanent residency, short stay or respite care. We also welcome applications from all over the UK as well as from within the local community. Very often prospective residents wish to move close to family and friends living in the locality and here at Hillbrook we are committed to making our community your community.

We understand the importance of maintaining regular social contact both within and outside the home, and our residents are given every assistance in maintaining links with family and friends outside Hilbrook.

Visitors are always met with a warm welcome and may join our residents in any of the communal areas or the privacy of the resident’s own room. Visitors are free to participate in daily routines, activities, events, celebrations and group excursions. Our doors are open to visitors at any time and we offer ample private parking within our extensive grounds.

And what better way to show you what it is really like to live at Hillbrook than the through the words of one of our long-standing residents:


“I used to have a bungalow and would stay for a few weeks’ respite when my daughter went on holiday. I really liked it here, so for the last three years I have lived here full-time. My daughter is just around the corner so we go out and I stay over at her house. I’ve met lots of people here including my good friend Elsie and we go everywhere together.  It really is a home from home”

Ada, aged 103, resident